Best Male Enhancement Methods for Your Confidence

Methods used for size enhancement of the penis are including both non-surgical and surgical procedures. PRP, Acoustic Waves and Stem cell treatments are some of the non-surgical additions to our penis enlargement treatment packages.

What is a penis enlargement Stem cells treatment?

The penis enlargement Stem cells treatment is a pioneering treatment that can solve your sexual problems and increase sexual pleasure using PRP. It is a non-surgical procedure that uses the growth factors a man has in his own body (PRP) to naturally stimulate penis rejuvenation. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) found in the blood is used to stimulate the growth of new, younger tissue and the increase of blood flow.

PRP-based penile regeneration has been successfully administered for decades. Adding autologous stem cells to a PRP injection can add volume to your penile tissue, improve your sensation, and even expand your girth – so you can enjoy sex as much as your partner will after your enhancement.

What can Stem cells and PRP do for you?

Stem cells and platelet-rich-plasma have been successfully utilized for over 30 years. Stem cells are harvested from fat regions in your body. Adult fat (adipose) tissue is mostly made up of adipocytes, which store your energy. Your fat also contains mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), which have the potential to turn into many types of cells.

PRP therapy taps your blood, which contains growth factor-rich platelets, to extract these potent proteins that can stimulate your own dormant penile stem cells. Both treatments can help regenerate your penile tissue with fewer risks than pharmaceuticals and surgery pose. It’s highly improbable to have rejection or allergic reaction to these autologous cells (cells harvested from your own body).

Once these two injections are delivered into your penile tissue, their growth factors, cytokines, and chemokines will:

  • migrate to your weakened penile tissue;
  • activate T-cells to secrete proteins;
  • open up your blood vessels and form new ones;
  • transport cells out of your blood vessels and into the tissues surrounding them;
  • stimulate your cells to regenerate your penile tissue;
  • improve your erection and stamina;
  • increase your penile girth.

Your Penile Enlargement

First, a doctor will examine you to determine whether you’re a good candidate for penile enlargement. Then he or she will explain how to prepare for your procedure. You’ll need to stop taking any anti-coagulant, steroid, and NSAID medications. You’ll also need to drink plenty of water (but no alcohol) and rest before coming in. Once you’re completely comfortable, a doctor will anesthetize the area with tumescent fluid or administer a regional nerve block.

Penile Enlargement with Stem Cells

A doctor will utilize liposuction to extract fat from your buttocks, lower back, abdomen, or love handles. It will then be filtered to reduce viscosity – which allows a doctor to inject the adipose serum into your penile tissues with extra fine cannulas. This thinned out nano-fat contains fat cells, stromal cells, and stem cells.

Liposuction can yield approximately five hundred thousand to one million stem cells per cc of fat. So it’s possible you may get as many as 10 to 40 million cells from one treatment.

Next, a doctor will draw a blood sample from your arm (typically less than two ounces) and spin it in a centrifuge, separating it into three layers: red blood cells, platelet-poor plasma, and platelet-rich plasma.

Then, he or she will inject Hyaluronic acid filler above Buck’s fascia to create a volume of both sides of the penis to increase girth. Followed by PRP and fat stem cells to induce continued regeneration.

Since a doctor knows 100 percent of the stem cells will never survive the transfer, he or she will overcorrect with a dose potent enough to improve your function.

PRP and Acoustic Waves for Penis Enlargement

PRP and Acoustic Wave Therapy (extracorporeal shock wave therapy – Li-ESWT) use the body’s own growth and healing factors to achieve noticeable results. The treatments enhance our male clients’ sex drive and performance.

A PRP for male enhancement uses platelet-rich-plasma, or PRP, extracted from a client’s blood to enhance erections as well as increase penis size and sensitivity. After a simple blood draw from the arm, our trained physician’s assistant injects the harvested PRP into specific areas of the penis.

PRP shots are quick (less than 15 minutes) and virtually pain-free thanks to a topical anesthetic applied prior to the procedure. Clients use a provided penis pump immediately after the procedure. To achieve maximum results, clients should continue to use the penis pump for 10 minutes each day over the next 30 to 60 days. After receiving the PRP, most men do not experience discomfort, but for those who do, symptoms are very mild and can be treated with over-the-counter pain medications.

Acoustic Wave Therapy uses high-frequency, low-intensity sound waves to increase blood flow to the penis. These sound waves help repair damaged blood vessels, remove plaque from the vessels and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels.

Increased blood flow to the penis improves sexual function and stimulates neurogenesis or the growth of new nerve tissue. New nerve tissue enhances penis sensitivity and creates a more pleasurable sexual experience.

PRP with Acoustic Waves treatments last about five minutes. However, the entire session takes about 20 minutes. Following therapy, men can resume normal activities immediately and some may experience spontaneous erections within 24 hours.

Acoustic Wave therapy results can last up to two years, but multiple sessions are needed to achieve maximum results. A package of 6 to 12 Acoustic Waves treatments is recommended.

Why combine PRP for male enhancement with Acoustic Waves?

PRP shots combined with Acoustic Wave therapy offer clients many benefits, including:

  • longer, harder, more sustainable erections;
  • increased sexual stamina;
  • decreased downtime between erections;
  • increased penis size and sensitivity.

Acoustic Wave therapy is delivered to the newly filled volume to smooth out irregularities and bring more blood flow to the penis for healthy healing.

Maximum penis enlargement usually takes up to three months, but in most cases, you’ll start noticing the improvement in 2-4 weeks. Since stem cell therapy relies on your body’s own regenerative powers – which dwindle with age – the process is highly unique every time it’s performed. Results can last up to 2-5 years.

Please get in touch with our qualified team of experts to ask any questions or apply for a free consultation.