Sermorelin Therapy: a Fountain of Youth

Sermorelin has been a normal practice among bodybuilders, but now it’s gaining greater popularity among ordinary people. If you’re running low on energy and high on fat lately, our qualified team is trained to target the root cause of your accelerated aging: sermorelin imbalance.

If you’re over age 30, your human growth hormone (HGH) production has likely started to decline. Sermorelin is the peptide that stimulates HGH secretion and this is a rather important process because the HGH deficiency can cause fatigue, brain fog, muscle weakness, and low libido.

Eventually, it can lead to much graver autoimmune dysfunctions – like diabetes and hepatitis. Correcting it does not require synthetic medication – it can be accomplished with custom peptide therapy.

A peptide therapy based on Sermorelin can induce permanent or long-term spikes in HGH production. If you receive the therapy, you gain increased energy and stamina, revved up sex drive, enhanced skin elasticity, sharper mental focus, lower body fat, denser bones, and less muscle pain.

All these functions are revived at a different pace in each patient, so if you resolve to visit a clinic to undergo the diagnostics and start the therapy, a doctor will create a custom protocol to optimize your unique levels and enhance your unique lifestyle.

What are peptides?

Peptides act both like proteins and like hormones: they bind to a receptor on the surface of a cell or molecule and deliver instructions.

Out of the 7,000 naturally-occurring peptides in your body, Sermorelin is one of the most powerful and versatile ones. It’s a growth hormone secretagogue: it prompts your pituitary gland to secrete HGH by releasing peptides 2 and 6.

What are the certain functions of Sermorelin?

Clinical studies have shown that Sermorelin promotes health, but, as it is a natural peptide, it doesn’t shut down natural HGH production. Sermorelin prompts the secretion of your natural growth hormone, which is responsible for:

  • decreasing inflammation;
  • regulating your red blood cell production;
  • regulating fat cell death;
  • increasing lean muscle mass;
  • mitigating age-related osteoporosis;
  • regulating inflammatory autoimmune disease;
  • boosting testosterone.

Sermorelin Therapy: a Peptide for Good Health

To determine how much Sermorelin supplementing your body requires making one or more of the following steps:

  • a blood test to measure growth hormone level;
  • a blood test to measure other hormone levels affected by HGH;
  • binding protein level (IGF-I and IGFBP-3) blood tests to check pituitary function;
  • GHRH-arginine provocative test.

After that, a doctor will prescribe and monitor your custom dose in one of these forms:

Subcutaneous: injected into the body fat just under the skin using a very small needle before bedtime to mimic the body’s circadian rhythm; Sermorelin shots are initially prescribed for six days per week, then decrease in frequency over time.

Oral tablets: controlled doses taken under the tongue, transmitted through the mouth membrane into the bloodstream.

A qualified doctor increases HGH production safely and gradually, by precisely targeting only the cells that need it – so it’s very safe and well-tolerated. Within 3-6 months of starting, you’ll feel the following:

  • boosting your energy, strength, and endurance;
  • building new muscle cells to increase lean body mass;
  • breaking down your body fat and fatty acids;
  • improving your heart function;
  • strengthening your bone density by increasing calcium retention;
  • accelerating your wound healing;
  • enhancing your non-REM slow-wave sleep;
  • reducing your liver’s uptake of glucose (staving off diabetes);
  • regulating your insulin-producing pancreatic islets;
  • improving your skin tone;
  • increasing your hair growth;
  • boosting your sex drive and performance.

How long you’ll need therapy depends on your age, lifestyle, and unique biochemistry, and this will be assessed by the doctor at every visit, so your prescription can be tweaked as needed.

For any preliminary concerns you’ve probably got right before resolving if you need to take the therapy, please get in touch with our qualified medical experts to get a free consultation.